Toronto’s mandatory vaccinations debate

Written by Cnn Opinion Editor Lauren Dake.

Toronto Mayor John Tory and other city councilors will take on question period Wednesday following a preliminary hearing for more than 100 fired city employees on the issue of vaccines.

The city had issued a mandatory vaccine by the end of last week to protect city workers and their families against the deadly, inoperable measles. Mayor Tory and other city officials announced that the city fired 140 of its employees, including social workers, custodians and recreation workers, and they face varying levels of suspension.

The new policy includes the mandatory vaccine for adults, but it only applies to the approximately 20,000 city employees who work directly with the public. Those who are chosen as public employees must have the required vaccinations.

The percentage of people that have signed up for the mandatory vaccines is higher than the city’s goal of 80%, CNN reports.

“We are very much on track to complete the vaccination campaign by the first of November,” Tory said Tuesday. “We think the risks are low, but it is a big, complicated thing to do.”

The city expects that parents will vaccinate their children and supervisors will adhere to the city’s decision.

“You see two groups of people that kind of vote with their feet,” Tory said. “If you don’t think you want your child vaccinated then you don’t get your child vaccinated. And of course if your child doesn’t get vaccinated then you are not going to be getting vaccinated.

“It’s just a really important decision people need to make,” he added.

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