Ted Cruz & the right answer to internet companies

While it doesn’t speak to the left’s role in driving technological change, the increased digital presence of Ted Cruz reminds us that he holds the right and high ground on the issue. Cruz has long argued for the need to consider the safety of the internet. In response to the various election-monitoring incidents that occurred earlier this year, Cruz’s friend and colleague John Thune – a Republican from South Dakota – referred to the “real possibility of cyberattacks.” Given this new public awareness, policy changes in the senate are even more appropriate and necessary than those on the national level.

Senator Cruz is correct to be concerned about the tech giants’ monopoly over our digital lives. In the wake of the election hacks, the technology giants were wrongfully accused of “hacking” Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her State Department emails. Those kinds of tactics—the same ones used against in state elections—would not have been allowed under a President Donald Trump, and it’s not hard to see how it would go against his brand of intelligence for those to lack a “fair shot” in a digital world.

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