Take a look inside U.S. F1 GP winner Alexander Rossi’s new Ferrari

I look at people like Michael Schumacher for examples – but he is not comparable – he is still very, very young and it will be many years to go before that.

That said, I don’t think I should be compared to Michael because people compare me with him because he was good in the past, he’s still very, very young. And if he goes for a few years without competing in Formula One then I will look like him. But I just want to continue racing. I’m just thankful for what people said and what they have to say. But right now, it’s just you guys who speak. In the future maybe we will meet each other.

One thing we are very happy is he’s okay. He’s driving like Michael and he’s still young so we cannot lose hope in him. He’s 21 so in a few years’ time, you know, we will see if he can be like him or not.

On being compared to Sebastian Vettel

I understand why they’re saying these things, but I didn’t agree with it and I think I saw an old media article and I liked that – a funny quote: he’s the new Michael. I don’t know if that is true but I am very happy about that, actually, and that is my passion.

On having been taken off the grid for several incidents in recent races

The FIA is responsible for setting rules in Formula One and I just have to respect them, but of course the important thing is my safety is above everything else. Otherwise, my family and my teammates and people like me would have been very angry and not very happy with what they are doing. It’s not in my interest to be angry and not have any joy with me racing.

On taking the grid penalty

When I started to be disqualified every week it was getting annoying and so they have taken away my engine. In all my career I am used to racing in order to not take penalties and the longer this situation was happening it was getting quite annoying to me and I am now looking forward to starting my race, instead of starting from the pit lane.

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