Swift action needed on sexual harassment in workplace

Men from Punjabi radio are under attack at work. The Nation reports that Jianghsu (Johgyu) “Ko” Gang has been sacked as host of the Punjabi-language FM radio show in Old Town, and Zhong Kai, a senior producer for the radio station, has also been fired after accused of sexual harassment by five women staff members of the station. The two men were sacked last week following a two-month investigation into the accusations, which will be reported on tonight in the “Legal Angle” feature on our website.

In the report, we also hear from one British woman, who reveals that an acquaintance sexually harassed her while she was walking with him to her daughter’s school. (It’s unclear if the two are related, but it is not.) Also from the report is a politician from Japan, where he finds himself being sexually harassed at the age of 81; a Chinese woman who writes of her breast being grabbed by an actor in a moving car; and an Indian worker, who described being violently assaulted on his way to work.

In some cases, some of the employees told their stories before being dismissed, but in others, the cases remain open. That dynamic illustrates the need for an open discussion about sexual harassment in any sphere, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or race or ethnicity. Whether the harassment took place behind closed doors or out in the open, we all share a common responsibility for preventing, reporting and dealing with such incidents.

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