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What is the real extent of the US-led TPP trade deal? How could the EU break down its Brexit deadlock? Could Canada part ways with the US? And is Trump’s America safe for companies? Follow these news stories and more in our guide to help build a more informed Britain.

Has Trudeau lost it?

There are growing concerns about the relationship between the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and the president, Donald Trump. Trump has said that Canada must cut auto tariffs, something that Trudeau is unwilling to do. US companies are increasingly looking at which countries they can relocate production to, given the uncertainty. Could the future of the TPP trade deal be threatened by a Canadian pushback?

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Brands reach out to Washington

To end last year’s stalemate over trade tariffs, the US and China agreed a truce, which is now under growing scrutiny. But how will this end, and will the US Congress approve trade deals they have already approved. The US consumer goods retailer, Walmart, wants to push for action, but the president is inclined to let the talks continue. Companies with big US operations will be watching.

Nato still has work to do

Nato heads of state and government held a two-day summit in Brussels at the weekend. The focus of the talks was on boosting military spending in a new round of alliance funding discussions. So how did that come out?

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US hits Canada with punitive duties

The US imported $100bn worth of lumber products from Canada last year, mainly in the form of softwood lumber. But the Trump administration has slapped duties of up to 24% on Canadian softwood lumber, even though under international trade law it is deemed to have been sold at less than fair value. In response, Canada has implemented tariffs on $10bn worth of US exports. Canada is a key market for American aerospace and automotive companies. The US will attempt to resume talks with Canada later this week.

US-China trade negotiations come to a head

In July, US and Chinese leaders pledged to work on issues, and ease trade tensions, during their joint press conference. But little has changed since then. US and Chinese officials will come to the table on Thursday to discuss a range of trade issues, including intellectual property theft, but the countries are still far apart on key disagreements. The administration is targeting China with new tariffs. The White House says China has offered little. China insists that the US trade deficit is due to low US consumer demand.

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