Quebec City shooting: Quebec remembers shooting victims

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A procession went through the city for victims of the attack

The deadliest incident of mass violence on Canadian soil took place one year ago, when five men killed six people and wounded 19 others in an attack with a crossbow in Quebec City.

At least two of the victims were known to police and the perpetrators were known to officials.

A five-day tribute to the victims was held on Friday, attended by French-Canadian politician Dominique Anglade, who was stabbed in the same attack.

She returned to work in June, four months after being airlifted to hospital, but says the attack changed her life.

She and the other victims of the attack are part of a collective effort to raise awareness about gun laws in Canada.

Lawmakers voted in June to ban the sale of large-capacity magazine clips, which police believe were used in the attack.

Previous changes to Canada’s gun laws include requiring people buying handguns to take a firearms safety course and limiting access to sporting rifles and shotguns.

A tribute procession was led by French-Canadian politicians, including prime minister Justin Trudeau, as well as about 50 victims of the attack.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted the people who came to pay tribute to the victims

It began at the École Polytechnique and passed through the Place du Canada, where the shooting took place, and the Place des Communes, where two of the victims were killed.

As the memorial passed the centre of Quebec City, the procession paused outside the Canadian parliament building, where the gun used in the attack was found.

Readers share their memories of the attack on social media using the hashtag #qc2017

We remember four of the victims who were murdered that day: computer science student Annie Demers, economics professor Martin Couture-Rouleau, chef Marc Lepine and bus driver Ahmed Hassan.

To mark the day, the 45-year-old machete-wielding attacker was shot dead by police.

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