Pet tracker for owners in India

Image copyright Charlie Wills, INS News Agency Image caption Dogs sitting in a home with the gadget have stopped barking when they hear it

Dog owners in India will now be able to keep tabs on their pet’s whereabouts with a special smartphone application.

Called Modu Moov, the device emits a silent sound similar to a train whistle to alerts the owner when it spots the dog.

The device can then automatically record a video of the dog so that owners can see it when they come home.

The team behind the Modu Moov are hoping to launch a pre-order campaign soon.

Modu Moov is not the first device like this, although most are aimed at pets of humans, rather than four-legged animals.

DoggyCar is a concept for a tethered electric car that lets dogs stay close at hand.

Image copyright Yash Mittal Image caption The SoundForLife device is even smaller than the Moov but does not require a phone to be used

Barkback is a collar with built-in microphones, which they claim will make it easier for dogs to communicate with owners by allowing them to hear sounds, even when they are in the middle of playing.

A Glass App does just that.

The little gadget can sound an alarm alarm for dogs that have forgotten their owner.

They can keep track of where they’ve been by recording their movements.

The team behind Modu Moov believe that the product is ideal for dog owners in remote areas, where the ability to go home when the owner is out is often important.

“Technology today has shifted from a user interface to a user-experience with a completely convenient, reliable and friendly user experience,” the company says.

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