‘Our Life Has Been a Fight’: Biden Announces His 2020 Presidential Run

WATCH: Joe Biden gave his first appearance at a major political event on a foreign soil as he spoke at the United Nations. https://t.co/KzppQ97W9o pic.twitter.com/rdqRh30WWY — CBS News (@CBSNews) June 2, 2019

Two years after sitting out the 2016 presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden dropped a bombshell: He will run for president in 2020.

Biden spoke at the United Nations on Sunday as Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched a key report on ending impunity for sexual crimes.

“Make no mistake: this report will send a powerful message to millions of men and women who have suffered sexual assault and injustice: you are not alone,” Guterres said before launching the report.

Biden said “word has gotten out” he is running.

“There are a lot of years between now and the next presidential election. Let’s just put it this way,” Biden said. “My family and I are making a decision that we won’t be able to announce in the near future, but I’m very, very confident — more confident than I’ve ever been — that if I do run, people are going to find out that they have a lot to gain by having someone with my record, not only my experience in government, but my life story and my life, besides.”

Biden talked about his four decades of public service.

“I’ve seen what happens when things go wrong and when we don’t take responsibility,” he said. “I’ve seen what happens when we give up and I’ve seen what happens when we fight. So, my life has been a fight. And I’m ready for the fight again.”

Biden said he has received strong support among ambassadors, U.N. diplomats and the public worldwide.

But he admitted to “failures” during his career.

He said he has serious challenges that continue to test his family, including his oldest son, Beau, who was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Beau, 51, passed away in May 2015.

“Beau was the love of my life,” Biden said. “He died in my arms. I will always love Beau, he’s my hero, and so many people connected to the loss of Beau.”

Biden said he will have plenty of time to talk about the topics that others have focused on as they assess the state of the U.S. in 2020.

He said he will focus on economic equality and “how we resolve those differences that are so important when you talk about access to the ballot.”

He also said President Trump’s election in 2016 was a wake-up call that the U.S. was not prepared to lead and get things done.

Biden said, “No one is prepared to do that. Yes, Democrats may be.”

Watch his remarks above.

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