Nurse profile for new graduate whose LinkedIn page was flagged raises questions about authenticity

Kylie Jenner is not the only reality-TV star learning how to be a nurse. Earlier this week, a LinkedIn page for a Denver, Colorado, nursing program name Kyle Rittenhouse set off a round of conversation on social media with what appeared to be an innocuous announcement that the 26-year-old had gone through the program, followed by his plans for getting a job as a nurse. Now, multiple outlets report, the school that listed Kyle Rittenhouse as a student on LinkedIn has confirmed that he did go through the program and is pursuing a nursing career.

Rittenhouse posted an Instagram photo of him in the hospital on Friday, just a day after he was first mentioned by a school official on a LinkedIn profile for a nursing program in Denver. The photo is reportedly from a school recruiting seminar.

According to Kyle Rittenhouse’s LinkedIn page, he earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Regis University in 2014. After two years of intensive study, he finished up the project nursing program to get his Master’s in nursing and applied for entry-level jobs to work as a nurse and an emergency room nurse. However, the position that he was presented with for entry into the hospital was not an opening, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who spoke to CNBC.

It’s unclear how long Kyle Rittenhouse has been working as a nurse, but the person spoke to CNBC said that after entering the program two years ago, Kyle Rittenhouse sent an email offering to re-apply for his nursing certification after finishing his Masters. The school only recently verified that Kyle Rittenhouse had been a student. And unlike Kylie Jenner’s book deal, it is unclear how much cash Kyle Rittenhouse will need to exchange for his nursing program.

Read the full story at CNBC.


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