New York City to Reconsider Pandemic Rental Aid Bill Until After Congress Passes Permanent Funding


New York City will not take any new applications for pandemic rental aid until after the April 20 congressional deadline for the federal legislation that funded the aid, Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett announced on Monday.

The Health Department’s decision was made after lawmakers asked that the city halt enrollment by households that started receiving aid in March.

“The health of our families is our most urgent priority, and New York City has been focused on ensuring the health of its residents in the aftermath of the worst flu season in 10 years,” Dr. Bassett said in a statement. “Since the federal aid bill allows funding for the end of the flu season, we have been careful to ensure that this strain of emergency assistance will be exhausted prior to Congress passing a permanent funding extension.”

City agencies such as the Department of Homeless Services have been working around the clock to help prevent the spread of influenza, she said.

New York City will receive $96 million in federal funding this year, according to the health department. That includes an additional $20 million to help homeless families stay in housing, and $52 million in emergency funding to provide emergency services to homeless people who contract the flu.

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