National News: What’s Happening in the USA, After a Week in Abortion Focus

After this past week, it may be quite hard to imagine abortion is still in the news in the United States.

This past week, Trump administration officials announced the $50 million in funding that will go to states for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. Politico Washington Bureau Chief Alice Miranda Ollstein compared the funding to the NRA wanting another hundred million dollars every year for a while.

The Justice Department is also spending $200 million to battle opioid addiction, with half of the funding going to federal and state law enforcement. This is on top of the nearly $1 billion the DOJ already spends combating opioids every year.

Need more? The surge in the number of low-income women who became pregnant this past year is being driven by the increase in teenage birth and abortion rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Abortion rates rose 11 percent in 2018, the highest rate of growth since 1976, according to new research in The Journal of American Medical Association.

Where are these people living? Well, as a country we are divided on abortion, but as a global community we’re getting along quite well. Despite having almost 100 million more people than the U.S., Germany’s abortion rate is lower, by about 80 percent, than the U.S.’s. Germany leads the world in fetal protection laws, among them several that protect pregnant women from unwanted pregnancies and allow her to terminate them.

Who’s right? Which one will remain in the news next? The Times ran an article about a “blue wave” of young, progressive candidates showing up in Tuesday’s midterm elections. What do they see in their futures? More abortion on demand, liberal abortion laws and “the appearance of a majority appetite for more aggressive enforcement of abortion law.”

Get ready for the left to make the case that abortion is a human right.

One side will use only the facts, but then we can and will fall back into our entrenched mindsets and interpretations.

The media will eagerly give rise to a narrative of trickle-down racism, but not adopt one to talk about trickle-down abortion.

Meanwhile, what will take Trump administration spending and reproductive choice barriers away? Federal legislation remains stalled in the Senate, with partisan pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans blocking judicial and executive branch nominees, further defining the critical role that Senate Republicans continue to play in defending life.

So while your reproductive choice is on the Supreme Court and in your voting booth, make sure you understand how high the stakes really are. Abortion is no longer a state issue but is increasingly a global problem that affects all of us.

Pro-life congressional, legislative and judicial leaders are being elected all around the world. If you want your government to play a role in advancing your pro-life ideals, then it matters who you are voting for.

I don’t expect Canada to feel smug about our similarities to our neighbor to the south, but I do hope you can celebrate how much more civilized and thoughtful our nation is as compared to the States. By focusing on specific issues such as fetal protections and no-fault divorce, our government is making progress towards policy changes that will benefit all Canadians.

Let’s not allow our differences to define us.

Lisanne A. Ross is associate professor of political science at Carleton University. Follow her on Twitter @LiennemarieRoss.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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