Natasha Lyonne Takes Us On a ‘Dawn of Everything’ VR Experience

Eerie music accompanies scenes in director Natasha Lyonne’s new online series ‘The Dawn of Everything,’ which is a genre-bending VR experience that takes viewers through the dark history of America’s creative spark. Using the eeriest visual language found in the VR medium – audio of creepy whispers, shadowy and looming visuals – the show explores four sinister tales. A press release about the project reads:

When people speak of the nightmarish genius of America’s roaring twenties, they typically hold up the great books of Ernest Hemingway or the stone age paintings of Rembrandt. From this century’s frame of reference, we can assemble a very limited, less-than-ideal portrait of what the Twenties were like. And ‘The Dawn of Everything’ puts those figures up for discussion. The show consists of four stand-alone short stories made for the immersive VR format. Each hour-long piece takes viewers on a journey through a time of great artistic awakening that offers rich avenues of narrative travel. ‘The Dawn of Everything’ does not aim to produce traditional narrative with its works of art, but instead aims to invite visitors into the eerie, mysterious, and traumatic past of American creativity.

“‘The Dawn of Everything’ is about our collective nightmares, how they can explode out of our shadows and combine with our own creative impulses in imaginative ways,” Lyonne explains.

Narrated by veteran actors Ving Rhames and Donald Sutherland, the project has created a fear-inducing atmosphere by mixing light with the sometimes unnatural-sounding music. It’s also filled with odd moments, like Loki making off with an image from an old photo taken when we look back on our memories of the event.

You can find more details about ‘The Dawn of Everything’ on the show’s official website.

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