My son made me take Roblox offline for Halloween

Roblox, the kid-friendly gaming community known for holding contests where kids dress up as superheroes and fantasy characters, has been taken down due to a cloud monitoring issue.

According to the company, a cloud monitoring issue has prevented them from posting new content for several hours. It’s possible that it could affect some browsers — Windows, OS X, Chromebooks, or Chromebooks running web-based applications such as Firefox or Chrome were mentioned as “likely affected.” Roblox says to check back shortly, and content might be up soon.

Roblox posts on Facebook:

“We are investigating the cause of a couple of days of downtime and will post updates as soon as possible. Any Roblox users in UK or Canada impacted by this downtime should log into to be able to participate in Halloween contest! The contest will be back up soon but we want to apologise for the inconvenience.”

Anyone who’s had children open the game is likely still trying to regain access.

Update 3:27 p.m. ET — Roblox returned to business as usual about 15 minutes ago.

Update 3:47 p.m. ET — Roblox’s Twitter account noted that some players were able to access the site again, but just for a short period of time:

We have discovered a specific challenge which allowed for access for a short time. Additional updates will be posted shortly. — Roblox (@roblox) October 20, 2017

While the back-up website is “suffering from a bit of downtime,” the company assured users that it’s “working hard to fix it as quickly as possible.”

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