Meghan Fallon on the Ellen Show, How She Works to Help Teens in Need: “Know No Shame In The Answer”

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Meghan Fallon is using her first real platform to help those in need. The “Meghan on Ellen” episode was the first time the “Today” show co-host has come onto the daytime talk show. Ellen DeGeneres surprised her with tickets to an upcoming benefit concert she’s throwing in an effort to help end the global problem of teenage pregnancy.

The event is being called “The Global Stare: Know No Shame in the Answer: Preventing Teenage Pregnancy through Public Policy.” The event will be held on March 24th in Los Angeles, and will raise money to boost the work of nonprofit organization, Babies for Life, to educate teenagers about the dangers of teen pregnancy in schools.

The actress says what she hopes young people can learn from the concert is to never be afraid to talk about issues.

Joining Meghan on the show are songwriters Diane Warren and David Foster.

Ellen also reminds Meghan how much she loves her in the clip above.

Listen to Meghan on the program:

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