Influencers use social media to show you a beautiful life – and not just a house

When you’re looking for a new home, finding the perfect model where you can settle down and raise a family is often a difficult job.

With so many factors and angles at play, your experience can easily get overwhelmed or downright boring. That’s where Zillow puts the standard real estate process to shame.

Home listings tend to be based on snapshots and photographs alone, meaning you may not have the right context to make a better decision. According to Zillow, the average home in the U.S. is listed for 2,400 hours in a wall calendar with only six photos.

You have a similar problem when considering using social media as a real estate tool – as it’s a reflection of what that person likes about the home instead of what makes it a home.

Yet that doesn’t mean Zillow isn’t trying to improve the way homes look on social media.

Since 2012, many of the company’s most popular “Influencers” have been tweeting, posting, and sharing real estate images to increase awareness of what homes are really like.

Three “Leaders in Real Estate” – Chris Ducker, Jonathan Cooper, and Dawn Fealty – have become top influencers using Instagram and Facebook with over 70,000 followers each on both platforms. But you don’t have to be a “leading influencer” to benefit from these tips. Every home being shared (or not) can add depth to the home search experience.

One such home that’s been widely shared on social media is a wedding home. If you’re in the market for a wedding venue and looking for inspiration on how to create that perfect setting, please have a look at this farmhouse which “perfectly embodies the colors and light” of a country wedding. Take a look.

The cool thing about this home is that Chris, Dawn, and Jonathan were able to visit, visit, and visit the home, talking to everyone involved.

In each instance, the “leaders” were able to get firsthand perspective on what it takes to design a wedding venue from the farmer, to the photographer, to the planning and marketing team, and from the man who will eventually become the owner of the home.

On these trips, the “leaders” were also able to understand the intricate details and the importance of details to really understand the overall strategy of the project and help the homeowner make the most of the process.

In this case, the Home Owner set the bar and created a truly phenomenal home that he and his bride now own. In this instance, the “leaders” were able to help a second homeowner successfully design the same home so that two young people could enjoy a wedding wedding ceremony and reception in a beautiful venue.

If you’re searching for your dream home, perhaps it’s best that you start with someone who has what it takes to create that perfect house.

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