FBI discovered secret evidence underneath bridge from Hoffa’s disappearance

The FBI on Thursday described a high-stakes search last month in a wooded area underneath the Fort Lee, New Jersey, bridge. The effort involved hiring private contractors to dig a small hole in the ground to reach a second, larger hole, according to NBC News. Unbeknownst to the contractors or the FBI, the other hole was marked with an FBI radar antenna, according to The Record. The contractors were never told that the site was being investigated in connection with Jimmy Hoffa, the former Teamsters boss who went missing in 1975.

The contractors didn’t know that the other hole was marked by a radar antenna. #JimmyHoffa FBI agents surveilled by w/autopsies experts in wooded underpass on Fort Lee, N.J. bridge in hopes of uncovering cold case roots. pic.twitter.com/UG59z5ORTl — Ken Arrigoni (@KenArrigoniNews) March 8, 2018

Investigators uncovered a 1992 tarp by the hole they had drilled to discover traces of human remains, but what was revealed underneath was in fact empty. The location was also apparently a likely hiding place for Hoffa, who was last seen in Oakland, Calif., in July 1975 and has been widely thought to have been murdered after being lured to a restaurant. A former cab driver named Jose Proctor has also claimed that he saw the corrupt Teamsters official being driven by a fellow union member in an SUV out of Oakland. Proctor was also investigated after promising Hoffa $25,000 that he later claimed was never delivered.

No evidence to support the Proctor story was found at the search site, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. After the failed excavation, the FBI said it could only presume that Hoffa had been killed, which strongly suggests he could have been the victim of an extrajudicial killing.

Read the full story at the Newark Star-Ledger.


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