Fashion, food, clothes, floor coverings: How to decorate like a boss

No one knows the art of working up a healthy case of décor envy better than Francine Mason, who recently sat down with New York’s Centaur Gallery for their first exhibition of her work.

If you think a personal aesthetic may be of more interest than a profession, then Ms. Mason’s artistic-director pedigree ought to go some way toward quelling you: the editor of Women’s Wear Daily (the only woman to hold the post since the magazine debuted in 1909) and contributor to Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, she has worked for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior. Oh, and she also has five Grammys, including one for her work as a contributor.

As you can see in the pictures below, she also has a knack for blurring the line between design and fashion, taking gorgeous rooms and turning them into settings for iconic icons. And as for putting together a spread — whether in a textile magazine or an op-ed — that makes you gasp in delight, Ms. Mason may be the best.

You may not want to duplicate her decorating approach, but she’s got a lot of advice that you can apply to your own apartment.

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