F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton takes bold stand against homophobia in motor sport

Lewis Hamilton became the first openly gay world champion in motorsport on Sunday, prompting praise for his stand against the “homophobic and extreme religious views” that can be found around the sport.

VIDEO: Watch @LewisHamilton defeat Sebastian Vettel in the final race of F1 season by being the first driver to win a race as the first openly gay champion of motorsport. Watch as a field of 21 are standing up to Islamophobia in the World Refugee Soccer League! https://t.co/jSko5zW5jL pic.twitter.com/xDlC7EKXLc — Pink Football (@Pinkfootball) March 31, 2018

Hamilton beat Sebastian Vettel in the final race of the season in Bahrain, a victory that has shocked the media and stunned many in the community.

And that was before he won the decision over the world’s sexual orientation:

Hamilton beat Vettel after coming to the fore defending LGBTI rights. While championing a successful campaign that included the promotion of LGBTI diversity, equality and safety among fellow F1 drivers on their social media profiles, Hamilton also said that homophobia, and even acts of violence against LGBTI people, are still happening in the sport and called on fans to support other than homophobic, transphobic or other extreme religious views.”

H/T PinkNews.

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