Exhibits in Benetti’s £5.1 billion private yacht

The Benetti Vila Edita is slated to be the world’s biggest private yacht ever built. With an impressive 12 decks and a capacity of 200 guests, the ship’s vertical shafts let you navigate a private beach and yacht club outside of Naples, and its interior is decked out with nautical displays, state-of-the-art technology, and a golf course.

With this for granted, Benetti has been looking at ways to make the inside of the ship entertaining, as well as staying, beautiful. James Joseph, Benetti’s UK director of design, has built a series of interactive exhibits that visitors can experience on the boats digital and physical displays. Designed for the Italian onshore and sea market, the shows pay homage to Western notions of luxury and are intended to let visitors discover something different and different as they step aboard the Vila Edita.

1. The Morning Show

Image: Benetti

Yacht, scuba tour, in-depth tour. The stand-out feature in this stopover is the in-depth tour. Gathered on a beach deck is a high-powered screen that allows passengers to see the underbelly of the ship, your surroundings and even watch the live feed of water in the electronic pool. As we watch it go around the upper decks, this is both a welcome, in-depth tour of the yacht as well as an experience of many things at once. When we climb aboard, the viewer’s gaze is brought to a new level as the screen goes up into the ceiling, where we can even check out “candles.” The displays end with a water feature, reminiscent of the pool in a condo, as it plays with our attention, getting us thinking about who will be on the boat, what our family will do and where our friends and family will come to spend the summer. For the glitz and glam of a yacht, without the day-long work commitment, this is a genuinely comfortable and unique experience.

2. The Cool Team Summit

Image: Benetti

2 goals: Discover how hotel functions and not only are you informed, you’re also entertained. We always start by finding out if there’s a port in which it is the coolest destination or whether it has got something it was going to do until it’s too late. But then we decide on a location and we begin mapping out a bunch of things and then take inspiration from so much more than just ports.

When we start putting together the plans, we’re looking at what we could see the crowds to be coming to and then from day-to-day activities and we search for images of things doing or having been done there. We really are designed to be a liaison point for tourists to the local area and to the cruise line. We also like to come up with ways to make it possible for the local street crew to bring in visitors.

3. Dinner out

Image: Benetti

The sea is known for its gastronomic culture, whether it be the beautiful and rustic little villages, multi-course meal, or the over-the-top restaurant in a capital city. The images that we use in the exhibits capture these vignettes in the north of Italy, with the Mediterranean and the houses on the coast of Sardinia, Sicily and the Ivory Coast. Many of the images are captured during the cruise line’s kitchens and overlook the details of the meal or the restaurants. We want to keep it local, where people come to discover and see aspects of the country that they couldn’t possibly do if they’d been on the yacht as a tourist on their own.

All images courtesy of Benetti

More info: The Vila Edita comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the 138 footer, right through to the 168 footer. Of the three above, the 48 footer is primarily for commercial purposes. However, the 18-footer and the 82-footer are 100 percent for the ultra-luxury clientele. The 96-footer is still remaining open to the public, but it was designed for uses such as helping clients transport as much as 13 tons of timber across the world.

All photos courtesy of Benetti


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