Doctor Who’s most frightening summer house haunted house episodes

Having already pleaded with the villain of Friday’s episode of Doctor Who, Will the Doctor visit the Peacock Inn on the night of his 18th birthday? If the average Time Lord finally comes face to face with an actual threat at his summer ale drinking party, what was I thinking?

Making the episode even stranger is the fact that Will, despite already knowing the Doctor, is in no rush to go and see him. “It’s a lovely setting in the woods,” he tells the Doctor. “But I’m scared of Peacock and the lightning bolt and the olives in the trees – their weather? Try frying on your summer pea soup.”

His hesitation, given his lack of interest in the Doctor in the first place, raises serious questions about the under-13s whose job it is to go live with this scary chummy Time Lord.

Regardless of your intentions, turning up at the Peacock should never be your intention. And yes, I would like to live on the site of a 2nd century house. Especially one with a weathervane proclaiming it to be “Home Of Peacock Lightning, Olives And A Hanging Lamb On The Side”

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