Apple may fix your iPhone without your help. Here’s what to know

By the time you read this, you may already have the tech savvy needed to get your broken iPhone fixed without Apple’s help. If you’re among those people, there are a few things you should know about Apple’s new repair program.

Who’s eligible?

As part of the new program, all iPhone and iPad models made since 2016 are eligible for repairs. However, you may still be required to take your device to an Apple store for repairs, and not online for replacements.

What are the promises?

With the program, Apple will repair broken screen, battery, or other component components at its authorized service centers for free. It will also repair any rubber and rubberized parts at its stores for free.

Are there no restrictions?

If you live in the United States and Apple can’t prove damage to the device, you’re free to go to Apple’s stores and wait for repairs.

What if the repairs aren’t free?

Yes, you will be charged for Apple Care+ replacements, so make sure you know about the policy before you purchase your iPhone.

How much does Apple Care+ cost?

If you want it for your new device, Apple Care+ will cost you $129, $129 for the first time your iPhone is broken, and $89 for the second time. If your device gets covered by Apple Care+, the cost of a second service will only be $49.

Wouldn’t I have to pay Apple’s new cost?

That’s correct. If you decide to get your device repaired, you will continue to pay Apple’s $50 service fee.

Why is Apple doing this?

It’s a preventative service, as reports of larger-than-normal fingerprints and other impacts on the device’s screen have recently surfaced. Even if you didn’t come into contact with such damage, others in your family or a trusted friend may have gotten into your device.

If you decide to have it fixed, what does Apple recommend?

To get it fixed, you’ll need to request a replacement from Apple through the service center where the repair will be done, or you can schedule one online and have a technician send it out to you. A notice on the Apple site notes that the replacement can take 3 to 5 business days.

“Don’t worry! If you can still manage to use your phone while in transit, or you want to ensure the new iPhone is working perfectly right away, we’ll set it up for a set of upgrades that are automatically downloaded over the air,” says the notice.

Other, notable features to know?

The iPhone 7 Plus is excluded from the free program. If you buy it, the repair fee will be $199. (Because the screen is covered in the free program, it won’t be eligible for the new program.) There are new models, too: The new iPhone X and iPhone 8 will not be covered by the program.

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