A national airline? Italy looks at reviving Air Dolomiti

It’s not happened for a while, but an Italian parliamentary inquiry has emerged this week with details of plans for a new national airline.

Air Dolomiti will have an integrated ground and in-flight cabin crew and uniform, owned and operated by Alitalia, but will have separate branding and an independent business plan. “Air Dolomiti should give lasting alternatives for Italy to its main partners in the international commercial air market, as well as becoming a substitute for Alitalia in the Italian market,” the report says.

The airline, which will be between 9 and 18 aircraft, is set to take off as early as in late 2018. The aim is to offer passengers “a spirit of airport and airline construction comparable to airports and airlines of other countries,” the report adds.

Air Dolomiti is named after the Roman goddess of the hearth. It will be based in Rome, with hubs in Milan Malpensa and Bergamo and could fly to nearby countries including Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Morocco, Lebanon, France, Spain and Switzerland.

A Greek airline on the list, Aegean, is said to be interested in leasing some of Alitalia’s existing fuel tanks to continue servicing European routes after acquiring a chunk of Alitalia’s debt.

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