Why I’m Drowning In The Sound Of People’s Verbal Fury Over Kid Rock’s “Snowflake” Remarks

By N’Namdi, screenshot

We love our snowflakes. Maybe you have a plus size office manager (that would be you) who is on such a mission to become the best, most respected business professional in the office.

She may wear a skirt to work (this is a plus-size executive or executive coach, just FYI) who often asks her colleagues for “boring”, “restorative” and “lazy” questions in an effort to get outside her comfort zone.

Maybe she holds meetings in an office with plants, but rather than inviting her guests to dine in the backyard, invites them to dine in the study. She dresses down instead of up, just because she prefers to feel comfortable and independent, despite being in an environment she is not accustomed to or because of cultural or personal standards she sets for herself.

She may tweet #branding #reinventing the wheel, rather than #outsmarting a competitor. #Meaningful.

She has too many filters on her tweets, instead of learning to be present and share only the good news from her day.

She wants to be appreciated, but does not want to be criticized. #Boring is not #Edgy.

She is human. #Popular

We all could benefit from a small dose of this. She may have compassion for the brave souls serving abroad in our military (remember that at Starbucks?), but she should be ok with showing some respect for her colleagues who do not share her journey.

She can find validation in other media sources and will read reviews from other people. She will reach out to them.

She can address real life emotions. #Catfish

So it is no surprise that Kid Rock gets riled up, in turn, pisses people off, when he tries to prove “#normal’ is not always viewed that way. The title of his new song Don’t Tell Me How to Live comes from this experience he has experienced as a public figure.

Kid Rock has very openly and openly criticized Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, using Twitter to call her and other members of Congress “snowflakes” and and use the #ladychicken hashtag.

The internet erupted as people could not understand why someone would try to undermine the efforts of the women seeking public office. They were very upset that Rock would talk so negatively about women who are running for office, alluding to the issues women may face in running for office. He called the women “snowflakes” because they do not get over their anger very easily.

Listen, once he gets over his embarrassment, I will definitely support Kid Rock if he runs. He would take the music industry to a new level. Just think about it. He is going to reinvent the music industry and will possibly sell over 10 million copies of his album and generate almost $200 million in the next 2-3 years. He would be able to retire a millionaire before his 30th birthday!

Believe me, the average working mother is very confident in her abilities. She has worked hard her entire life and she has enough to get by on. She spends her days with children. And when I say “spends her days with children,” I mean children, her children.

Her life is full of ups and downs and in her workplace, she is more than allowed to voice opinions without feeling like she is failing.

She is free to laugh and smile, smile in her office. No one feels embarrassed for her.

A mere snowflake could work for me!

She is a grown-up and should be allowed to have an opinion, just like the average 22-year-old college student with a thin skin can make his way to your corporate office. We don’t want our companies to be run by penguins.

We were born and raised under a single-parent system. We have been raised to speak up and to not let people tell us how to behave or how to feel.

I respect grown-ups. And just because we are 40 years old doesn’t mean we have to change to fit the culture of the community we are in. I was told when I was younger that I must “act like a kid and follow the rules.” Well, I did. And then I found my creative little voice and I didn’t mind who I was because I was a kid, an adult or a pinko.

It’s time for us to believe that we can make our voices heard. It’s time for us to recognize that we live in a democracy and that we have a voice.

And, by the way, don’t tell me

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