What Is It Like In Hollywood? A Star Is Born Stars Joaquin Phoenix With Fox Nation

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You’d think realtors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents have pretty basic human needs – like food, clothing and a roof over their heads.

But as the makers of A Star Is Born discovered, not all people are created equal.

I’m James Norman from 95.3 The Fan, and this week on Fox Nation, “A Star Is Born” offers a view of Hollywood not often seen on the big screen – and stars populating a fictional but very real community.

Joaquin Phoenix shines as Jackson Maine in the film based on the hit song of the same name. Phoenix will discuss his role and the film with me and our hosts Dana Loesch and Robert Smith.

Plus, my pals Mike and I sit down with Fox News contributors Dagen McDowell and Kaitlan Collins, and Sean Hannity shows us the ups and downs of a BBQ for the troops.

AND… Donald Trump delivers a major economic speech before the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Tune in for an exclusive interview with Trump.

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