WATCH: Colorado Pot Experts Join Me to Talk About Marijuana Pot Cities

Tonight on THE SITUATION Room a big story in the marijuana industry will be the wide spread legalization in Canada. Over the last few years, Colorado and Washington have seen major pot legalization law changes. In fact, a lot of those states are now facing tax issues as legal pot becomes mainstream.

Colorado is now facing a dilemma, can they afford to keep up with their tax revenue from pot, or will the market decide how many pot shops survive on local streets? NBC’s Tina Mattia tells us how the market is changing the way businesses are able to operate.

Also, lots of congressional push back when it comes to the declaration of martial law in Florida. President Trump is currently working on a solution after Miami Beach instituted martial law. AP’s Jonathan Lemire reports from Orlando about the impact it will have on business.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Republican from Florida, and Danielle Douglas said all they heard was federal response to them being forced to open a pot shop in an effort to attract tourists. But those tourists are now staying away due to the large number of arrests, that is forcing businesses to be less taxed.

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