Travel: Soak up the forest sounds and sounds of Maine

Two men on cross country skis, one for speed, one for a crisp mountain air as they soar above the landscape. Crossing the tall rocky peaks of Maine’s landscape (as they are known), Route 37 offers a forested route with few turns and fast starts.

The Maine woods are beautiful, and at nearly 9,000 acres, they’re beautiful from every angle. They’re a dream come true for a lazy nature lover.

Offering a way to take an overview of what’s been dubbed “The North Pole of America,” Route 37 winds its way through the abandoned mill towns of Old Town to Portland. It has long been a beloved highlight of winter visitors to Maine.

Related Image Expand / Contract Take a chance on the wild streambed; the perfect day is sure to follow. (CNN)

From Old Town, take it on a short road trip north. Route 37 stretches 14 miles from Millinocket, Maine, to Gorham. Through this time-honored route, the fall colors and flowers are abloom. Carved by ancient stream beds and carved by tons of moss, no two streams in Maine are the same.

Keep an eye out for the trees that yellow when cool nights start to arrive. The feeling you get while breathing this fresh mountain air hits you almost immediately. Whether you’re smoking a cigarette, sipping coffee, or camping in your camper, there’s never a dull moment.

At Gorham, there’s a small town that’s also an important part of Route 37. Secluded off the beaten path, everyone – young and old – gathers around the corner store for some old fashioned home-cooked meals and a bologna sandwich from Snowy Head Cafe. The atmosphere is quaint and oh so Gristedes – everything is made locally, from fresh vegetables to homemade jam.

Throughout the spring, fall and winter, Maine’s mountains come alive, welcoming millions with fresh mountain air, stunning falls and busy mountain trails. It’s a great place to explore and relish being active.

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