Toronto man arrested after model finds camera in dressing room

Image copyright AFP Image caption Toronto police say they have determined that the device belonged to Dan Monsey, pictured left

A man has been charged with voyeurism after a model found a camera in a dressing room of a Toronto store, police say.

Sharon Galpin, 23, was changing clothes in the men’s changing room at a sports clothing store on Monday.

She felt something under her dress and was able to see a small camera in the dressing room of Sports Experts.

Her father, Mike Galpin, tells the CBC the teenager then searched her phone to see if there were any hidden devices hidden inside it.

When there were no hidden devices in it, she grabbed her camera and found “a recording device of about a quarter of an inch and, as well, a camera stick,” Mr Galpin said.

Image copyright Mike Galpin Image caption This is the locker room Sharon Galpin had found the camera in

Sharon Galpin, who moved to Canada from San Francisco four years ago, was shocked by what she saw and confronted the store manager.

“He had already removed the camera from the shoe box that he put it in and turned around and he had the camera on his cellphone,” Mr Galpin said.

The woman later said that she wanted police to investigate the incident, according to police.

Image copyright Supplied Image caption Dan Monsey has been charged with two counts of voyeurism

Police said they had determined that the device belonged to Dan Monsey, a 27-year-old man who currently lives in Toronto, but are looking for witnesses who may have noticed it in the changing room before or after the woman reported the incident.

Monsey was arrested on Monday, police said, and charged with two counts of voyeurism.

A spokeswoman for Sports Experts, who only identified Monsey as Dan and did not name the store, told The Canadian Press that the alleged incident took place at its Toronto store, but that there was a full investigation under way.

In a message on its Facebook page, Sports Experts wrote that “all customers are treated with dignity and respect” and that it “places our trust and integrity in the hands of its employees”.

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