Titans & Seahawks apply pressure on football hero Al Bosch to silence drug-problem talk

Too many members of the Tennessee Titans – or other teams that play nationally – are recreational users of illegal drugs and they are putting players’ health at risk and their own,” MS. Football radio host Joe Montgomery said.

Controversy is swirling around the Titans organization as their alumni — who have all expressed disapproval of the NFL – are being repaid for the way they represented the team while it was the Tennessee Oilers.

Former Oilers receiver Kenny Golladay, now an analyst for the Titans on the ESPN affiliate on 106.5 The Zone, said earlier this week that “too many players were being given retirement packages after all these years because they were not allowed to join the locker room.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Charles Robinson expressed doubt that all players would have made it out of the draft with contracts, given that they were given access to free-flowing illegal drugs while they were in college.

“Not only did the team turn a blind eye, they also sent them to (drug) rehab centers in Georgia and Louisiana so they could keep getting high,” Robinson wrote Thursday in the Atlanta newspaper.

What makes the situation even more confusing is the possibility that the team’s ownership wanted to hang on to potential draft picks who were using narcotics for many years, CBS Sports reported.

A number of current Titans were part of the Titans’ failed drug test that led to a possible losing in Dallas on Sunday, according to CBS Sports.

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The former players who were happy to see their contracts rescinded won’t have to pay the price for their previous indiscretions, as players who fail drug tests are often reinstated before their second strike on a fourth offense.

Many of the former players felt that this type of oversight might have avoided the development of players who have had their entire lives destroyed by addiction.

Others feel like the Titans are trying to buy them off the field, CBS Sports reported.

“It doesn’t seem fair for the Titans or any team to cash in on what is unfortunately, the health and lifestyle choices of some players,” Omaha’s NEFL Sports analyst Karl Elsoh told CBS Sports.

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