The beach visitors who aren’t exactly courting the public’s approval

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Known as the country’s most jaw-dropping beach, Luskentyre on the Costa Brava is so breathtaking that human visitors have been known to forget about nature’s demands and engage in an age-old practice.

A photo published on Twitter on March 29 by a Barcelona-based tourist has proven to be a catalyst for social and environmental change.

“This place is gorgeous,” the caption reads. “Lots of sex going on, apparently.”

Camping etiquette is an issue of discussion in Spain. Courtesy Jordi Mespilchenger

But with views of glittering mountains and azure water, Luskentyre is no ordinary beach. The landscape, according to photographers, has inspired many artistic images, ranging from childhood memories of picnics to imagination and the use of photography as a material for dress.

Now that Venice Beach has gotten some sea-based sand-based love, it seems Luskentyre is a good place to look for human love — which in this case is, er, rather modest. The photographer, Jordi Mespilchenger, caught its visitor activity on his phone, not his camera, causing plenty of Twitter commentary.

Mespilchenger said he was shocked by what he saw.

“I thought it was wonderful because it’s beautiful to see beach people having sex,” he told CNN. “It’s not a place for them to think twice because the scenery is stunning and they can enjoy that.”

The only issue for the photographer, Mespilchenger said, was the phenomenon — not the attendees.

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“I thought that nobody was going to behave that way — that, but it’s happening. I just, at the end of the day, wish people could behave more properly.”

Visitors “should respect nature,” he said. “In this case, it’s a gorgeous place. Just don’t waste it or ruin it.”

Several social media users echoed that sentiment.

“Enjoying a couples vacation is fine,” one person wrote. “Taking it home and/or flinging it around topless or semi-naked is another.”

A more compassionate commenter countered: “Luskentyre is a spectacular place, but people should avoid going there.”

What do you think? Do you agree that couples should have respect for the environment or fellow beachgoers? Tell us in the comments below.

The national parks of the Balearic island of Mallorca are changing in both food, culture and law, but the Costa Brava is an entirely different story. Many residents are calling for the creation of a Eurovegas Tax, which would charge tourists a 75 euro tax (about $82) per night for staying over more than three nights in the area.

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