Tesla Supercharger systems temporarily impossible to charge


Tesla’s Model S electric cars are no stranger to surprise owner-overlapping fines. But a glitch has made Supercharger charging systems useless in some regions.

According to the automaker, in many regions some vehicles are having Supercharger USB ports lock up after the car is charged for over 50 percent. Tesla says the glitch arose due to problems with software, but says the problem should be resolved in the coming weeks. Tesla service reps are directed to confirm that the car is Supercharger-equipped before starting the charging process.

But drivers are already noticing a major difference in their charging. While many drivers on the Tesla forums are finding the charge not available, others report that the charge is insufficient and cars have temporarily stalled. This has led some to go back to the start of the charge and start the process again, only to find that the charge still isn’t through.

In a Tesla staff note posted on the Tesla forums, company representatives said that it appears to be an issue with only Supercharger ports, and not with any Tesla “Modular Powertrain” or battery packs. They did, however, add that it appears the issue isn’t limited to regions where Tesla sells the Model S, however. And they suggested drivers check the Model S Charge Status app, which may inform them of potential charges.

Tesla makes wide use of Supercharger systems with its vehicles, and once the issue has been resolved, drivers should see both supercharging facilities and charging port “access portals” updated.

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