Seven freight cars derailed in Washington state

The railroad said on Monday that a team of engineers, meteorologists and railway personnel has determined that the hard mud that covered seven freight car crews Friday night is now past the crossing in Maple Ridge, according to a release.

“CP offers heartfelt gratitude to emergency responders, first responders, community members and relief partners who did all they could to help our employees through this challenging emergency,” said Keith Creel, president and chief operating officer. “Our priority is restoring the excellent service our customers expect and deserve.”

The mountain pine beetle outbreak caused trees to die, preventing them from receiving water and spreading. Mudslides occurred as temperatures dropped on Friday when the debris forced the train to pass through a threshold with the risk of flash floods.

Railroad spokesman Chris Nilsson said in an email that the freight cars were completely covered with mud and rocks. CN handled transportation of the spilled fuel as a spill incident.

CN has evacuated all train personnel from the site until further notice and will be working through the weekend to clear the line for traffic, Nilsson said. Service in the area is expected to return to normal Tuesday. The crew remained uninjured.

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