Ray Dalio discusses retirement, love and anger

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, a New York hedge fund with roughly $155 billion in assets under management, was in London last week at the University of London Business School, and spoke with FT’s Carol Matlack about life, love and goals. The interview was transcribed and published on Wednesday.

On retirement: “I worry about it because everything is happening too fast and there is a lot of uncertainty. My strategy is to wait until I’m 50 to worry about it.”

On being a futurist: “We try to help others decide what they should do even though we may be the last to die. Our approach is not ‘wrong’ but it is different.”

On tying his health in with work: “We try to make the shift from creating new products, platforms, programming, stuff, to providing services,” he said. “What we get paid for is something that doesn’t change.”

On saying sorry: “If you have an email problem where you send a reply with a bad word, and you know you have made a mistake, you should send a full apology with a statement saying how sorry you are.”

On love: “We evolved to make love not war. Love at the time when war is starting, we try to kill each other. When war finishes, we try to fall in love again and make it great again. But you don’t want to get back into that.”

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