Photo and video account of fleeing Afghanistan

Photos and video

Photographs and video

Afghanistan’s national women’s soccer team and others, including the country’s public health minister, have faced repeated bomb attacks, attacks on government institutions and a terrorist onslaught in the capital, Kabul. A massive bombing at a foreign aid agency in late March took the lives of more than 80 people.

To survive, groups of people have sought escape through the desert highway known as Highway One. In spite of these dangers, Afghanistan’s deputy sports minister said some 86 athletes, officials and others, including 20 members of the women’s national soccer team, have escaped from Afghanistan.

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At least eight trucks full of sporting equipment and international travel equipment were also seized by the Taliban, including 17 soccer balls destined for a high school in northern Afghanistan. Most of the equipment used by the competing team was destroyed, including uniforms.

Officials and international soccer players have urged the Afghan government to provide the necessary supplies to the competition and, if necessary, to reinstate the competition.

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