Paul Rudd tells of ‘very scary’ attempt to stay young in late 40s

The actor will be leaving his character’s characteristically short legs for a new super villain role, playing an evil version of himself

Paul Rudd has said he is “not sure how” he looks so youthful in his late 40s.

The actor, 44, was promoting his new film in London and was asked how he stays young and attractive. “The mystery is so highly competitive and heightened because I am so competitive,” Rudd said. “That’s how I look at the things I do, because there’s something very frightening about the subject.”

Rudd’s character in Ant-Man is only in his early 40s. He was appearing on Doctor Who, which is known for ageing its stars and for a large number of men’s appearances, on Sky1 at the weekend.

To which he replied: “It’s a strange question. It’s a very fascinating question. I’m not sure how I do it, I think it may just be like a whole group of other crazy things going on. But I think most of it is just luck, and just luck and luck.”

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The comedian and actor was on the show with actors Maisie Williams and Matthew Lewis, from the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises respectively. Rudd plays Hank Pym a scientist who takes on the mantle of the Ant-Man and created the shrinking suits used in the comic book series and superhero films.

Rudd, who has his own action movie, SuperAntz, out in May, said he sometimes went on dates dressed as his Ant-Man character. “I mean, the date’s out of the country and I can’t find any way to get her to the airport, so I’m trying to do the best I can and I change into my suit and I do everything I can to try and impress her in that way and see if it works,” he said.

He compared appearing in a superhero film with starring in the early Bond films, where actors were often less glamorous than current film actors. “You’re wearing a lot of pyjamas and you’re on the start of a big international adventure,” he said. “That kind of intermingling of mundane, mundane existence with these extraordinary things is interesting.”

He also praised the dialogue in the series, saying: “The dialogue in the movies is really strong. It’s fun when you can have a conversation with somebody, but at the same time, it’s got some serious gamesmanship going on.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp is out on 29 July, followed by a new Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War, in April.

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