Nigeria: Government’s ‘declaration’ Of Decades-old Erosion Threatens Nigeria’s Territory

Osyola Muhammad on Friday said that people must now learn to adapt to the ravages of global climate change.

“Nigeria’s destruction by erosion will continue until we get ready to face the challenge of global change. Nigerians must learn to adapt their lifestyles,” he said in reaction to government’s recent announcement that it is losing 38,000 hectares of land to erosion annually.

Nigeria’s territory is threatened by ravages of erosion and climate change and in view of this the Federal Government in collaboration with UNDP and other bodies have announced to combat this menace. We are very much in sympathy with the Federal Government’s bid to fight the war against erosion and I think it is the right thing to do. Nigeria is threatened by ravages of erosion and climate change.

Osyola Muhammad, who is a Borno State Commissioner, told journalists that Governor Kashim Shettima would soon initiate activities geared towards containing the menace of erosion, which is observed in almost every part of the State.

According to him, Governor Shettima has since appointed a committee to tackle the menace.

“Governor Shettima, like other leaders of the country are very concerned about the issue of erosion. You know the erosion disaster is devastating. Anywhere it is occurring, lives are being lost, properties destroyed, people are being displaced and properties damaged.

“So, we are talking to you about Governor Shettima’s committee because that is part of the issue you are dealing with. May be, you understand the feeling he has about this issue. At the appropriate time, we will tell you about the composition of the committee and its strength. But, what we know for now is that the governor has constituted a committee which he will chair and it will carry out all necessary actions to stop erosion.

“Definitely, erosion will continue to ravage the environment and this is what the Governor has really been conversant with since he became governor. We have been on this war for over two years now.

“What we have discovered is that when erosion started, most of the human settlements along the river are not found at this time of the year. It is only along the river that they are found,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Comptroller-General of Customs, Mr. Hameed Ali, has warned Nigeria’s manufacturers and importers of rice not to bring in any other imported duty-free items.

Ali said that flooding affected eight of the nine farmlands in Kano State as well as the surrounding communities including the Asanchi and Jigawa villages.

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