Lady Gaga’s Gucci gown tour: to the church, back to the party – the masterpieces

When the actual mother-of-the-bride wore a house of Gucci gown to the 100th wedding of the special someone, then had to retrieve her dress from a church so that she could slip into another dress for the ceremony, it was no small feat for the brand and its creative team to get it all down on paper, wrapped, and shipped off to the bride to wear.

More impressively, after spending months on the story, Lady Gaga also had to collaborate with the family involved, going through each photograph and hand-painting away extraneous details until she had in fact achieved what she was trying to do.

But alas, Gaga’s stunt did not go quite as smoothly as she had hoped: when the man in attendance – the groom, as it happens – told the Italian brand that she had ad-libbed the entire thing, they were not impressed, but neither was she. Not until she provided another cover of The Hills from Prince and Me, the track she collaborated on for the original film of the same name, she was paid in full. Apparently, the worst thing to do is to tell someone that you’ve made it up.

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