Jamie Sharper Beats The Odds, Files Report Against a Retired Pro Bowler, Claims He’s A Victim

Former NFL star and convicted rapist Jamie Sharper has filed a report saying former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen has been telling police lies about him and that he is tired of being lied to.

Sharper was accused of raping two women in Southern California last year, and later in Arizona, and in Nevada in 2014, and last year, and in Minnesota in 2016, and he has been linked to rapes in 13 states and three countries.

Sharper is facing 10 charges of rape by cop, sexual assault, and possession of a controlled substance in connection with allegations he raped several women in four states. But he claims that he’s never raped anyone, only cheated on his wife and that, as such, he should be given a break from authorities. But in many cases, his offenses seem unrelated to the crime he was charged with.

One of his accusers, Nicole Cardwell, now claims that she was raped by Sharper when she and three other women were partying with him at his New Orleans apartment following a Pro Bowl party at the Superdome on Jan. 25, 2009. She told Sharper that she wasn’t feeling well, and he said he had taken Ambien before making her comfortable.

Eventually, Cardwell says, Sharper came up behind her and put his hands over her mouth. “I was unable to move my arms,” she said. “I said, ‘Stop.’”

She said that he pulled down her dress and squeezed her nipples.

“He was just sliding his hands on top of my neck,” she said.

She said she quickly told Sharper she wanted to leave and that he tried to get her to take a shower but, “I couldn’t relax.” She asked him if he was an NFL player and he said “Yes.” She said Sharper acted as if he couldn’t hear her and said, “Good luck.”

Cardwell claimed that she woke up in Sharper’s bed hours later, her clothes were wet and bloody, and he was sitting on top of her. He offered her marijuana and “speed” but, she said, she refused.

Cardwell says she was hospitalized for five days and had to undergo surgery.

Sharper was quickly arrested and charged with raping Cardwell, and then initially implicated two other women, according to the criminal complaint against him. But the rest of the women involved in the incident agreed with Cardwell that it never happened, and Sharper eventually confessed to the story he had told authorities.

Sharper is set to appear in court next month on an indictment charging him with sexual assault and drugging the other women he was accused of assaulting. Cardwell’s civil suit against Sharper was dismissed after she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

After appearing as a guest on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Sharper appeared at court in South Carolina where he gave his testimony, which included extensive use of the n-word several times.

Sharper admitted to having consensual sex with the other women and said he was unhappy with the way prosecutors handled his case.

He’s hoping to be released on bond to await trial, but Judge Nina P. Plyler wasn’t impressed with his criminal record or even his intelligence.

“I don’t understand this Mr. Sharper. You have a football background. The people you worked with during the NFL combine have no criminal history. And you have been involved in drug activity. So, how you still have a transcript, even going back to your time at LSU, on what your intentions were in the black market marketplace, when you were charged in a rape case out of Baltimore and charged in several other cities…I don’t know,” Judge Plyler said.

But when it comes to Jamie Sharper, who’s obviously disturbed by the fact that he’s being tried for rapes all over the country, one thing is certain — even the experts don’t know his purpose.

Mike Preston is a member of the Fox Sports National Panel.

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