Five must-see events in Paris for travel lovers

By Ashe Asaka, for CNN • Updated 7th August 2017

Editor’s Note — CNN Style is bringing you one of the most beautiful scenes in post-war Paris, titled “The Secrets of Pompidou.”

“Paris.” The phrase evokes elegant elegance and is a visual combination of the modernist skyscrapers dotting the city and its cultural landmarks.

Amusement parks? Delectable food? A mesmerizing annual pop concert? They all have their place, but what about the beauty and luxury of the city’s history?

Catherine Malandrino is helping us become more knowledgeable about the historic Champs-Elysees

On Wednesday, famed designer Catherine Malandrino gives us an intimate look at the streets of Paris with her “L’Oeuvre de la Rue” project. Inspired by French novelist Albert Camus’ essay “Le Tour Eleffance,” the T Interview will feature some of the city’s most famous addresses, and invite viewers to read for themselves about its history and structure.

The perfume closet of Christian Dior opens its doors for the first time

The perfume collection will be filmed in three parts and is meant to give more detail on the role the perfume business had in the arts and culture of the city. Designer Estelle Peillat is letting us in on the inner workings of her one-of-a-kind perfume room in “A Private World.”

Visit Musée d’Orsay

It might just be the coolest way to channel your inner Arne Jacobsen, but the Musée d’Orsay is the perfect place to venture with a camera because it includes the Paul Cezanne home and Cezanne’s sculptures. Photographer Marco Do Vacchi’s book “Tour d’Orsay” features many of the treasures and focuses on how photographers have marked the important places around the museum.

“Paris” tells the story of the novel

With his work across a wide range of topics, French novelist and screenwriter Michel Houellebecq went way out of his way to create a fictional work that brought his country to life. His latest novel, “Paris” was published in 2015 and takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of France’s most famous city with ten chapters depicting different parts of the city. and Interview magazine

New Yorkers might know the luxurious interiors of New York’s Smithe-lounge, but what did the owner actually do for 40 years to create this luxurious hideaway? Find out in the two-part documentary, “The Master Chateau of New York.” The owner himself reveals everything here, from the sheets to the furniture.

North Hill Antiques

Whether you’re buying a piece of vintage furniture or looking for something totally new, award-winning contemporary designer Gianni D’Amato has your back. He began his career as a New York City antiques dealer and has built a list of London’s most exclusive dealers.

Book him up for a private screening

If you’ve ever dreamed of attending a screening of a show that has never been seen before — or you’re in the mood for a unique T-shirt that not many people have ever seen — you’re in luck.

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