Ex-nail salon worker claims former strip club manager raped him

On Tuesday morning, former strip club manager Richard Vance was found guilty of sexually assaulting an employee and making false statements to a grand jury. According to the court, Vance had sexually assaulted his assistant manager, 23-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, in the evening of June 25, 2018. Rittenhouse testified that Vance sat his pajamas on his head to the floor after he left the club, stripping down to his underwear, and later touching him in private areas. Rittenhouse also told the court that after a sex session, Vance said he would “have to take care of his ‘mistress.’” According to an associate with the nightclub, Rittenhouse was suspended by their company. Rittenhouse testified that he had a six-month relationship with Vance and he considered him a close friend. He said that during the trial, he had talked to his attorneys about filing a civil suit against Vance, but they suggested that doing so could jeopardize his potential jail sentence. His legal team also hinted that Rittenhouse might seek revenge in an Instagram post after the verdict was read. In the post, Rittenhouse slammed Vance by pointing out that a woman is raped and the victim’s life is broken and destroyed, and then they throw at their assailant and show her that she’s rich and important. He wrote: “How can this be the best man I could ever choose in my life? Shame on you.” Now he’s the one having to live with the consequences of a man who refused to be blamed for his actions.

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