COP26: Can Donald Trump push the world forward on climate change?

S and the gulf states, in particular, have complained that Trump’s presidency will keep a lid on climate action – and this will be seen at COP26, notes Murtaza Hussain, Africa Correspondent for the El Pais newspaper.

To ensure the conference gets off the ground, the heads of state, who will meet in Bonn on 16 September, have been asked to step up and take the lead to find a path forward on the Paris climate accord.

But when it comes to giving this the push it needs, G20 leaders fell short, says Farhan Haq, South Asia Correspondent for the BBC.

The UN’s top climate official, Patricia Espinosa, said the lack of solid commitments from G20 nations could undercut the momentum that is building towards the next summit in November in Argentina.

The UN’s top climate official said this lack of a plan, already due to be unveiled, could undermine the momentum that is building towards the next summit in November.

President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement, saying it would hamper the US economy, has been seen as an affront to the world and the issue.

He had recently ordered officials to advise him whether the US should stick with the agreement, or leave it.

President Trump’s effort could lead to Washington failing to abide by the agreement, although it will remain within it, said Ms Espinosa.

At the last Paris summit in 2015, 196 countries agreed to take steps to control climate change and curb its negative effects.

The United States was part of that agreement, giving it the responsibility to bring the other countries of the world on board.

Following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement, the countries of the world gathered to voice their concerns about the situation in the past few months.

Paris kept getting more “intense”, said Ms Espinosa, but without the commitments of G20 countries, the Paris Agreement could stop to scuperate at the 11th hour.

With this, the G20 leaders are faced with a very limited window to go ahead and deliver the big numbers and results that the Paris agreement requires.

Now, politicians must meet again, either on the sidelines of the UN climate conference in September or at the next one in November to figure out a route forward.

Photo: Amjad Khalil/IRIN

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