Canadian Federation of Students want to eliminate in-person classes, study finds

The Canadian Federation of Students wants Ontario’s colleges and universities to combine their online and in-person learning, The Globe and Mail reports. The new model would be based on that of the Prairies. In Saskatchewan, every two years, every eligible student is required to attend an in-person classes that are based around a portion of the semester.

“Everybody knew that in-person had to happen at some point, and we have just come together as a federation to say that we want to move it along,” Pauline Adéjumobi, 20, a student at Ottawa’s Carleton University, told The Globe and Mail.

The federation is working with several schools, including the University of Ottawa, to make the plan a reality. “We’re now having meetings, understanding what the college and the university systems want to do and work on a joint plan,” Megan Johnson, an organizer for CFS-Ontario told the Globe and Mail.

A CFS-Ontario spokesperson told The Globe and Mail that the plan calls for universities to convert two courses into in-person classes — possibly taking at least one of them that is assigned to every semester — on campus and universities to also teach the remaining classes online. After the first semester, students would have a choice between the two, but would have to take the courses online again. They will also be required to attend the courses on campus in the following year.

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