Apple updates annual report to clarify that wages are discussed among colleagues

Apple’s Annual Compensation Update, released on Thursday, added a short section that clarified that Apple’s workers are able to discuss salaries and other compensation details with fellow employees.

The change comes in response to an internal uproar that erupted last week. When the new document was released, journalists immediately started reporting on what appeared to be a myriad of compensation discrepancies.

A San Francisco Mercury News article followed that story with one of its own, with a spreadsheet detailing the pay ranges for different jobs at Apple. The article, which was published on Wednesday, quickly made its way through Twitter, where those looking for pay transparency found a useful tool.

Apple isn’t the only tech company to get caught up in employee pay transparency. Facebook, which was also criticized after its updated annual report came out, made a similar attempt.

In both cases, both companies tried to clear up their mistakes by updating their own annual reports.

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