An Orchestra Author Andrew Fleming on How Technology Meets Nostalgia

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A combination of technology and nostalgia takes on new life in Andrew Fleming’s novel An Orchestra.

FOX’s Erin Burnett talks with the author about trying to capture true narrative in a digital age,

I’m Erin Burnett.

Andrew Fleming chronicles a young boy’s journey to becoming a champion violinist in ancient Greece in “An Orchestra.

“My goal, if you will, is to attempt to capture in a body of work music’s essence.”

Spontaneous collaboration with musicians and orchestra performers played a crucial role in Fleming’s life. He was influenced by composing when he was a young child, became a music teacher and founded the Hot Pocket label for an English orchestra while traveling the world. Then, when he was offered the opportunity to create and direct a musical multimedia experience for 20,000 people a year in Disneyland, he started to research and put together all the elements needed for an incredible live event, which become An Orchestra. The experience is the festival “An Orchestra Sings,” created for Walt Disney World’s Carnaval Brazil.

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